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Detox your body and get the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body needs to look radiant and healthy. With Mona-Laser MedSpa’s IV therapies, you’ll be allowing nutrients to flourish in your body and nourish it at cellular level. Choose from 5 different types of drips depending on your lifestyle and needs.


5 Goals, 5 Treatments

1. Resilience
Athletic and Endurance

For those with a strenuous activity schedule and exercise lovers. This treatment is driven right into your muscles to hydrate and deliver electrolytes and nutrients that are lost due to heavy activity. A great option for increased strength and endurance.

2. Revitalize
Rejuvenate, Brighten

If revitalizing your skin from the outside has not worked very well, try from inside out, too. The Revitalize therapy rejuvenates and enhances the skin by stimulating the production and growth of new cells. Revitalize will also flush toxins out of your body and make you feel refreshed. Enhance your treatment by adding a facial during your IV session and detox both sides of your body.

3. Retrieve and Recover
The “too much fun” drip

If the party was a little too much, this treatment will detox away impurities and provide you will full rehydration and the electrolytes you need to get back to work the next day. Recover yourself from hangover and let your body bounce back to normal.

4. Renovate and Metabolize
Energy Bunny

Is your special diet lowering your energy? This IV drip full of vitamins and minerals will satisfy the hunger in those lethargic cells that have been deprived of certain foods. Recover essential minerals loss due to dieting while continuing your weight-loss program as usual.

5. Regenerate
Immune Boost

A must treatment during winter time and during post-illness. Feel cleansed and refreshed to keep your immune system healthy, fit, and ready to fight against everyday viruses and harmful bacteria.


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